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Programme Outline

  • 1

    30 Day Intensive Marketing Strategy and Campaign Planning - Week One - Ignite Your Vision

    • Welcome and introduction to Seeds to Success

    • Your Get Fruitful Marketing Playbook

    • Day 1 - What is Marketing? Brand v Branding and some important definitions

    • Day 2 - What is the Passion that fuels your business?

    • Day 3 - What are the Principles at the core of your brand?

    • Day 4 - What is the Purpose behind your business?

    • Day 5 - Who are the People you want to serve?

    • Week One Assignments Workbook

  • 2

    Week Two - Identify How to Reach Your Ideal Clients

    • Day 6 - Who is your Ideal Client? Understanding Demographics

    • Day 7 - Who is your Ideal Client? Understanding Psychographics.

    • Day 8 - Who is your Ideal Client? Understanding Business Demographics.

    • Day 9 - What are the Problems and Pains you solve for your clients?

    • Day 10 - Who is you your Ideal Client - developing Personas or Avatars

    • Week Two Assignments Workbook

  • 3

    Week Three - Carve Out Your Niche

    • Day 11 - Creating a consistent branded Process or Customer Journey

    • Day 12 - Creating a unique Place in your market

    • Day 13 - Developing your unique Potential

    • Day 14 - Developing a super strong Brand Personality

    • Day 15 - How to set your Pricing

    • Halfway Check-in

  • 4

    Week Four - Sell Your Story

    • Day 16 - Selling your personal Pedigree

    • Day 17 - Selling your social Proof

    • Day 18 - Selling your unique Perspective

    • Day 19 - Deciding on the best Presentation options for your brand

    • Day 20 - Developing your Elevator Pitch and Brand Promise

  • 5

    Week Five - Map Out Your Marketing

    • Day 21 - Clarifying your Mission, Model and Measures

    • Day 22 - Matching your Markets, Messages and Medium

    • Day 23 - Finding your perfect Moment

    • Day 24 - Deciding how much Money to spend on your marketing

    • Day 25 - Summary and next steps

  • 6

    Week Six - Consolidation Q&A

    • Day 26 - Consolidation: Reflect, Review and Ask Questions

    • Day 27 - Consolidation Q&A

    • Day 28 - Consolidation Q&A

    • Day 29 - Consolidation Q&A

    • Day 30 - Consolidation Q&A

  • 7

    Monthly Marketing Momentum Meetups

    • Welcome and introduction

  • 8

    November - Credible Creative

    • Webinar Replay - Renee Stotz from Cerridwen Media

    • Visual Brand Identity Checklist from Renee Stotz, Cerridwen Media

  • 9

    December - Compelling Content

    • Webinar Replay - Aaron Taylor from Six Two

  • 10

    January - Constructive Clicks

    • Meet the Expert Webinar

    • Monthly Mastermind Webinar

  • 11

    February - Confident Conversations

    • Meet the Expert Webinar

    • Monthly Mastermind Webinar

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You can choose to save £150 when you join up by paying in full or spread the payments on a monthly basis throughout the programme.


  • Can I join the programme if I run a bigger or more established business?

    The programme has been designed to support sole traders, micro-businesses and small start-ups but if you have a larger team and/or have already been in business for some time you may still benefit from joining. Usually we find that more bespoke and one-to-one support is required for those who are further along on their journey. If you'd like to explore this option please visit and get in touch via the Contact form there.

  • Why is the programme such great value?

    Working with a marketing consultant or agency to develop a bespoke marketing strategy for your business will cost you many times more than the investment required for this programme, so I appreciate you may be wondering why it’s such a bargain. Because Seeds to Success is an online programme, costs are minimised and shared across a number of participants to make it more affordable for smaller businesses. While some of you may feel this programme represents great value for money, and is a relatively low price, for others it might seem like a big investment, particularly if you’re just starting out and haven’t yet invested much into your business. Past participants in previous group programmes I’ve run have commented that it offers great value for money, as they’ve seen a return on their investment many times over, and have returned to the lessons learned and ideas shared again and again.

  • How do I know I will get good value from joining?

    This is an interactive programme and will require you to complete the exercises shared in the 30 Day Intensive throughout October in order to get your marketing strategy complete, in time for you implement the plan from November - February and beyond, to fully realise the investment you make in joining. What you put in to this programme is what you'll get out - so it is highly recommended that you block out time in your diary in order to follow along as best you can and complete the exercises in good time.

  • What if I fall behind?

    You will get access to a 10 minute video every working day for the first month, and there will be a short exercise for you to do that links to each video. Some of these might only take a few minutes, others will need you to spend an hour or two. You are welcome to watch and do the homework whenever you like. If you do it as we go along then it will be easier for you to compare notes and share with the other group participants, but if not then you can catch up later on and you will still get value from following along as best you can. We will have a catch-up week halfway through the 30 Day Intensive if needed. You will have lifelong access the videos and webinar recordings so you can revisit as many times and whenever you like too.

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You can choose to save £150 when you join up by paying in full or spread the payments on a monthly basis throughout the programme.

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